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XWAME Group Ltd

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XWAME Group Ltd

Registered in England and Wales 10835271 Registered address: 9 King Street, Westhoughton,Bolton, BL5 3AX United Kingdom

Mass Spectrometry

70 Heater

Manufactures # 4010022

Desolvation Heater

Replacement Desolvation heaters for all Waters and Micromass MS.

Exchange Probe Adjuster

Manufactures # M945655CC1.Replacement refurbished Waters probe adjuster assembly please provide instrument + source flange part number to ensure we supply the correct part. Can be shipped immediately.

GCT heater

Manufactures # M960023AC1

Mk2 6ohms heater

Manufactures # M955529AC1 for 'MK2' Z-spray source instruments

Mk3 6ohms heater

Manufactures # M945805AC1. for 'MK2' Z-spray source instruments

Probe Adjuster Repair

Manufactures # M955143CC1.Refurbishment service for your Waters desolvation flange. Turnaround time approximately two weeks.